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It will always be my home. That cozy, warm and peaceful home, bored of the eternal three destinations to kill time on the weekend, inhabited by the same people that you see every day, people that stick to their routine, hugged by the waters of the Danube and that’s so common in other parts of the world.

Here, silence is at home and goes on holiday at Christmas and Easter. It’s been one month since I moved to Bucharest and I’d never admired more my hometown, which I found very monotonous in the past. This change gave me the power to enjoy small, simple things and taught me, calmly and quietly, to appreciate modest life.

When I left, I told myself I’d never live there again. I seemed sure, decisive. I’m trying not to let the power of change and its normal impact on my inner life influence my judgement, but I’m starting to imagine how it would be like going back there. I know, small town opportunities can’t be compared to the ones a big city is able to offer. However, what meaning does the word “opportunity” have for each one of us?

As we give different meanings to every aspect of our lives, I have to confess that for me, until 2 months ago, opportunity translated into finding a good job and earning a lot of money, that I would then waste freely in the mall. After a while I woke up surrounded by hectic robots that stress each other and look for happiness in material things. They play by the rules of society that indoctrinates us and prives us from looking to other sides. Today, I try to redefine opportunity and open my eyes on my own priorities.

Last weekend I went to Tulcea for the third time, to visit my family, more precisely my mother and my sister. It was my mother’s name day, so we invited our most faithful and dearest guest, my godmother. At 9 pm she made her lively appearance, along with laughs and fun. After the typical stuff, like ordering pizza, eating cake and drinking hot chocolate, we carried on with a long row of stories that we were dying to share. In the middle of a story, I stopped listening and participating. I looked around and saw, all over the table, some pieces of something that we could perfectly live without. I listened to the silence outside, the quiet sleep of our neighbors and my heart pumping love and true happiness. Hmm. I contemplated the big smile on my mother and my godmother’s faces, my sister, who was already asleep, and the room that was protecting us from the dark. I can’t compare the feelings I experienced with any of the material things that offer us a momentary satisfaction. Those feelings were real, deep and full of kindness. We need so little to live a healthy, peaceful and fulfilled life!

I’m afraid of adapting to a stressful, hectic lifestyle and forget to enjoy these small things that, at the end of the day, are the most important. I want to be with the people I love, in a calm and warm environment, to get excited when we do our weekly shopping at Kaufland or Lidl, to feel cheerful even after watching a bad movie at the cinema or to enjoy a tv show with a big bowl of ice-cream.

In conclusion, opportunity equals quality time, seasoned with work and parties, bills and laughs, responsibilities and balance.

I don’t know if I’ll have the same opinion in 1, 2 or 10 years, but so far, my thoughts have traveled to Tulcea. They want to live there for 100 years.

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